12 Travel Inspired Christmas Gifts

Growing up Christmas was my favourite time of year and even now I love the Christmas period as you indulge in an array of food and alcohol, catch up with family and friends and enjoy being surrounded by the people you love. I used to scour the Argos catalogue and put stickers on the toys I really loved so that my parents knew exactly what I wanted. However, now I am an adult I have a job and an income and I no longer have to rely on my parents for those type of presents. I tend to spend money more on experiences than things but Christmas gives you the perfect opportunity to ask for those gifts you wouldn’t usually buy for yourself. Here is a selection of gifts I think are perfect for the traveller in you.

Trill Farm Winter Season Box

This year Trill Farm have a beautiful Winter Season Box which is full of simply beautiful, wholesome and unique hand-crafted gifts. The Winter Seasons Box makes a wonderful Christmas present for a friend or loved one, or even for yourself. The boxes include Trill Foods, Health, Beauty, Home & Garden products. The Trill Winter Box costs £75 and will be delivered to recipients by 16th December, 2015.

Trill Farm season box

Urban Outfitters Globe

This wonderfully unique three dimensional corkboard is the perfect desk accessory for the travel lover in your life. All you do is use the pushpins to keep track of your globetrotting adventures, or to attach notes and pictures. It is the perfect gift for the traveller currently stuck in an office job in central London… hmmm how many of those people do we know?


Leo Joseph

This great company is a Cape Town inspired, London designed swimwear brand with a twist. Their swimming trunks are made from recycled plastic bottles [collected from the sea] broken down into very fine fibres and then knitted together to produce a super soft, luxurious fabric. The swimwear is available in signature block colours and a range of African inspired prints. Prices start at £75 for an elasticated waist or £95 for a tailored short. The perfect gift for the man who has everything!

Leo Joseph

A Journey in Style

Heathrow Airport has teamed up with Yasmin Le Bon and renowned Fashion Editor, Elizabeth Walker, to create a new coffee table book, A Journey in Style. Made up of archive photography, it celebrates some of the most stylish travellers, outfits and luggage to grace Heathrow’s concourses through the ages. A Journey in Style includes over 160 stunning images, including Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles and Kate Moss, with 60s model, Twiggy, gracing the cover. The book is available on and at Terminal 5’s Gallery in departures for £15, with all proceeds going towards Oxfam.

A Journey in style

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Limited Edition Hand Cream

At only £3.90 this pocket sized hand cream is the perfect gift for a traveller on the move this Winter, the glycerin-rich formulation absorbs and locks moisture in your skin, protecting your hands in even the harshest of weather conditions. The Limited Edition product has been designed by Oslo based design duo Darling Clementine and celebrates all there is too love about Nordic culture- its festive packaging makes it the perfect Christmas gift! The hand cream is available until February 2016 and can be found at all major retailers.


‘Let The Adventure Begin’ Travel Pouch

Let the adventure begin with this very handy travel pouch from Alphabet Bags on Not On The High Street. I love this travel pouch and have added it to my own list this Christmas. The canvas travel pouches are ideal for holidays, trips and adventures and are perfect for all of your important documents and travel essentials. The extra large size pouch also features a black leather tassle attached to the zip pull. Available in two sizes: large or extra large!

not on the high street

Pure Voca portable Bluetooth speaker

There’s no better time to plan your next summer get-away than on a grim grey and wet afternoon in winter. The Voca is the perfect travel essential and with its dual stereo speakers it even pacts enough power to fill a room at home. The speaker is available from all good retailers including John Lewis and; SRP £59.99

Bluetooth voca

Cows n Things

Age International’s Cows ‘n’ Things has a number of charitable gifts that that can provide life-changing support to older people across the world – great for someone who likes to travel light and wants to give something back to places they’ve visited. Presents can be ordered online and buyers can choose to send a card in the post or an e-card with details of their gift. The last order date to receive a card in time for Christmas is Wednesday 16 December. Money donated through Cows ‘n’ Things will help to change the lives of the most disadvantaged older people overseas, and all gifts are based on their needs. The bestsellers are: a fruit tree, £5 – a fruit tree provides an older person with a healthy source of food or income when sold at market, ten chicks, £10 – chicks will grow and then breed, thus producing more chicks and more eggs that can be eaten or sold or even a pop-up surgery, £100 – taking healthcare to older people in rural areas where there isn’t a health clinic nearby.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS CREDIT THE PHOTOGRAPHER/ HELPAGE INTERNATIONAL (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED) IF YOU WISH TO USE THE IMAGE FOR PRINT AND WEB!© Jonas Wresch/HelpAge International Male Pedro 64 and Female Angelica 53 Colombia Pedro and Angelica are married and have seven children. They have been married for 20 years and live in a wooden house that is typical of the region. For many years they worked in their fields on the mountainside growing the region’s typical crops, such as rice, corn, pineapple and small bananas. This provided them with enough food to sustain their family. However, the situation changed after the government started spraying chemicals to kill the coca crops grown by military groups. The indiscriminate spraying also damaged many ordinary people’s crops, including Pedro and Angelica’s. The couple now struggles to have enough food to eat so they are forced to find work on other people’s land in order to earn enough money to survive. They earn 12,000 pesos (GBP £4) a day each for this work, although it is insecure employment and is not usually available every day. As Pedro and Angelica had no way to secure enough food to eat every day, they were selected to be part of our project. Currently they have 20 chickens that they care for in a shed in the back of their house and that have enabled them to improve the nutritional intake of the whole family. “We have our home here but the plot is not ours; a friend let us build the house to have a place to live. It is a small house. We have a bedroom, kitchen and dining area. Our houses are elevated to protect us from floods, so the animals that we care for live underneath the house, although the chickens from the project are in the shed we built. As we do not have our own land we have to work for other people. Around the house we plant some things like chiro [small plantain] and corn. We both work in order to earn money to have food to eat and to buy the things we need; most of the time we buy salt, brown sugar, oil and rice.Years ago we used to grow almost everything on this land and we gathered around to eat and to sell it, but the spraying of coca damaged our lands and now nothing grows. We tried to plant beans, carrots and other things but nothing grows and we lost the seeds. The FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) gave us some seeds but they did not work either. I remember that in the past we ate better, but now there is not much, although we have got used to it. In this land we do not have anything to eat, so we have to buy food, but we have no money.Actually, the chickens lay 17 eggs every day, so we eat eggs every day, and we sell some to neighbours or exchange them for other things. The chickens have helped us a lot, and we now eat better because before the project we almost never ate eggs. This project is good not just because of the chickens, but because now everyone (young and old) knows that older people can continue working, but need support on some things. We feel cared for by the community”.

Pass The Bomb travel game

A fun travel game for you to consider this Christmas is from Gibsons, the UK’s traditional puzzle and games company. Players nerves are tested to the limit by the threat of the infernal ticking bomb as they struggle to find a word that includes the letters printed on the card. Travel Pass the Bomb has reduced grown men and women to tears, along with providing great family entertainment at Christmas! The game cards are stored inside the bomb, making the game really easy to carry around. The perfect answer for those who like to take their fun with them!



A favourite brand of mine is Eastpak and who doesn’t love a well-designed and good quality backpack for Christmas? Their Padded Pak’r® backpacks are perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go. They are excellent quality and come in an array of incredible designs and patterns. Or if you really want to treat a loved one be sure to buy one of Eastpak’s Tranverz suitcases which are lightweight, easy to transport and are the perfect gift for a friend who loves a weekend break.


Joe & Johns

This incredible little company started after a backpacking trip to India in 2013. The company produces t-shirts with pop on pockets, in a range of designs and colours. This is a great gift for a friend who loves ethical clothing and giving back to places they have visited themselves. The t-shirts come in a range of sizes and colours and then you can pick and choose the pockets depending on what mood you are in. Also a great way to mix it up on the road without taking 10 t-shirts!

joe and johns

Abelli Photobooks

Photobooks are a great way to print all of those incredible travel photos that you have collected over the years or if you have a family member who has just returned from a round the world trip then why not use their photos to create a memory capsule that they can look at to beat the post-travel blues. I have ordered one this Christmas and I can’t wait to see what it looks like!


PACK Gear Travel Organiser

Help your loved ones stay organised this Christmas with their very own travel organiser. The product is positioned between packing cubes and stuff sacks, providing the high degree of organisation you get from packing cubes without compromising the core values important to serious travellers; lightweight, flexibility, and minimal volume investment. I have been using this product and it just makes all my travelling so much easier and more organised.

pack gear2


No Christmas would be complete without a travel inspired gadget. SatSleeve+ is the ultimate tech gadget for travellers, explorers and adventurers who want to stay connected wherever they are in the world. SatSleeve+ clips on to a phone like a clip on cover, turning it in one simple move, from a normal smart phone into a satellite phone that works in the world’s most remote areas. Once connected, the smart phone, whether android or iPhone will allow users to send emails, connect to social media channels and make phone calls, so staying in touch is easy anywhere. There is also an SOS button for emergencies. Prices for the SatSleeve+ start from £400 and you can buy on the above link. I will be trying this one out next March when I climb Snowdon with Theo.

satsleeve 2

Heat Holders

Heat Holders are the ultimate thermal sock that has been tested to be seven times warmer than your average cotton sock. They are perfect for outdoor activities or sporting interests, including walking, climbing, caving and snow sports, and are fabulous for use during travel- when you’ve kicked your shoes off on a long-haul flight or an air conditioned vehicle and you want your feet to be relaxed, but warm and comfortable. Heat Holders are a Godsend. The Heat Holders range also includes essentials such as hats, gloves and thermal underwear as well as socks.

heat holders


A new launch in the lifestyle industry is Phizz, a Swiss made rehydration and multivitamin & mineral formula. A first effervescent tablet designed to put it all in after a big night, before a long flight or during a hard day’s work. Phizz is aimed at anyone with an active lifestyle, whether it’s travelling for pleasure or work, keen sportsmen & women or for the morning after a big night which I am sure all of you will be doing over the Christmas period. Amazon Prime Now has launched providing users with the ability to order their favourite products and have them delivered to you within a few hours.

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What are your favourite travel inspired gifts to receive at Christmas?