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REVIEW: Yvonne and Guite

Canelé ◆ | ka’nle | n. (pl. -s) fabulous French treat, originated over 300 years ago, characterised by a unique and deletectable texture with a soft and tender interior and a thin caramelised crust, traditionally flavoured with a vanilla and a subtle touch of rum.

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Last week I was delighted to receive a package from the lovely Caroline at YVONNE & GUITE. Caroline is a former financial marketer, who wanted to turn her passion for cooking and baking into a business. ​The company bakes canelés from a professional kitchen in West London, using only natural ingredients (organic products where possible) and absolutely no artificial colourings or preservatives.

I had heard about this unique little bakery so was delighted when they sent me a package!

In Caroline’s family, food has always been a great affair, be it for celebrations or everyday meals, focusing on quality, freshness and authenticity. Caroline and her younger sister started taking over the family kitchen during their school holidays when their parents were at work. They were taking delight in baking crêpes, gaufres, tartes and many other sweet treats with the excuse that none of the cupboard’s afternoon snacks were tempting enough!

They found their inspiration in the blue recipe notebook started, and preciously kept, by their mother. Her grandmothers, Yvonne and Guite, were renowned for their cooking and baking, and hence the name for the business.

Twenty years after having started in her parents’ kitchen, Caroline is blending the culinary spirit of her grandmothers by creating YVONNE & GUITE to offer the perfect Canelé – a yummy little indulgence as it should be: comforting, generous, well-balanced and elegant.

yvonneguite_box_9regular yvonneguite_box_25mini

You may be thinking what is a canelé?

A canelé is a French pastry that resembles a baked custard, it’s soft and doughy on the inside, while the outside is caramelised and dark brown. Canelés have a very distinctive shape due to the little copper pans they are baked in. Hand crafted with love and passion, our canelés are made of milk, eggs, sugar, flour, butter, vanilla and rum these canelés are delicious and the packaging they come in is gorgeous. Yvonne & Guite really have an eye for detail as they wrap the caneles neatly in greaseproof paper with the Yvonne & Guite logo and a beautiful card is included with details of how to reheat your canelés to enjoy them. Once warmed in the oven for a few minutes these little cakes taste wonderful and the rum permeates the soft texture.

I was really impressed with these tiny treats and they can be enjoyed after a meal with something to drink or the larger cakes are perfect for breakfast or to share.


Without topping or glazing, and with a delightful apparent simplicity,
the canelés by YVONNE & GUITE are a true culinary treasure
to behold and above all to enjoy.

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