Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015

I only went and bloomin’ won!

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Rewind to this time last year and I had just started blogging properly about my travels to a wider audience. I was on the road across Australia and New Zealand after graduating university the summer just gone and decided that more people than just me mum and dad would want to hear about my tips, experiences and where I had been. I have had Sophie’s Suitcase for nearly five years but originally kept the blog for my mum and dad to read as I went gallivanting across the world. But skip forward four years and I decided that maybe other people might want to read what I have to say. I remember reading on twitter last year the shortlisted travel bloggers and then the winners later on in November with Katie from Stories My Suitcase Could Tell winning Best for Travel in 2014.

I never thought one year later I would be walking up on stage to collect the award for Best for Travel blog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.
I had learnt I had been shortlisted in the travel category in early October and despite being very excited, I had always said to Theo – how wonderful but I’ve got no hope in hell of winning the award. I was looking forward to the awards evening, meeting other bloggers, getting glammed up and having some cocktails.

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I have a full time job and I have only scraped the surface when it comes to blogging – to me it is simply a hobby and I never realised how far it would take me!

On the day of the awards I jumped on a train to London and went to meet Claire and Laura from Twins That Travel at their lovely hotel near Oxford Street. I got ready in 10 minutes and we jumped in a taxi to the awards. Once at the awards we were welcomed with a red carpet and cocktails and the room/church the awards was being held was beautiful and had been decked out with balloons, lighting, fairy lights and a pink and blue stage.

The awards didn’t start till 8.30pm so me and the girls grabbed some drinks, I had my hair curled by Remington and Laura took advantage of the free nail bar. Then the awards started and we knew the travel category would be one of the last so we downed another drink and cheered for the other winners in the different categories. There were an amazing 64,000 votes cast in this year’s awards and I was simply one of the 100 bloggers shortlisted in the awards.

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Just as the nerves started to disperse our category was called and we all stood there shaking. First came highly commended and as the presenter’s voice said ‘this pair travel the world together’ both Claire and Laura froze as they realised they had won the coveted highly commended for Best for Travel. These two girls are incredible ladies and I am so happy they scooped this award – it was well deserved for such incredible women.

Then after they walked back to us in the audience we all got excited, I had told myself I now hadn’t got a chance, if I was to win anything it might have been highly commended but then the presenter said… ‘this young lady has been blogging for five years, had travelled the world and been to nearly every continent in the world..’ at that point I thought, oh that’s odd I’ve been blogging for five years and I’ve been to nearly every continent on the planet.

After what felt like a lifetime it was revealed that I had won Travel Blog of the Year 2015 !!!

As both Laura and Claire have said ‘Life is a funny thing!’

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After a long day and night I had to leave because I had work the next day and jumped in a cab back to Kings Cross station. I met with Theo and we both fell asleep on the train on the way home – all this emotion was too much for my weary head!

Most importantly I wanted to insert here how incredibly grateful I am that everyone who nominated me and everyone who voted for me. Without your support this award would never have been sat on my fireplace at home. Also a big thank you to Cosmopolitan UK for the award and a lovely night with some incredible ladies. Also thank you to my ever supportive boyfriend Theo, my mum and dad and my beautiful friends.