Top Tips: #WakeUpWonderful in a Hotel

I stay in a lot of hotels, hostels and B&B’s (oh and a log cabin) but no matter what I do I never feel like I am completely relaxed or comfortable and I often wake up in the mornings having not slept well and feeling groggy.

I feel most relaxed when I am at home in my own surroundings, candle lit and tea in hand. However, I have been thinking about the various ways in which I can make a hotel room more relaxing and like home so that when I do stay away I can feel comfortable in whatever location I may be in. I am currently working in collaboration with Premier Inn and in the light of their #WakeUpWonderful campaign video (below) I decided to put together a list of I make my hotel room feel just like home:

Here are my top tips for your making your hotel room feel like home.

1. Unpack your suitcase

Nothing makes you feel more at home than unpacking your suitcase and hanging them up in the wardrobe. It will make you feel calmer, more organised and you can also plan your outfits. Oh and it also means your clothes for the next few days won’t be creased.

2. Turn down the bed

Of course if you are in a 5* hotel someone will do this for you but if you haven’t splashed out then turn down the bed early in to the night so you feel like the bed is awaiting your arrival. To improve the atmosphere even more why not take along a small candle (tea-light) and light that next to the bed, just remember to put it out before you fall asleep!

3. Put on your favourite program

Whether it is Gogglebox, Eastenders, Breaking Bad or Downton Abbey try and find a program that you love on the television so you can sit back with a cup of tea before bed and relax. You can’t beat a juicy episode of Eastenders before drifting off to sleep!

4. Always have a shower before bed

I always have a shower before bed, it leaves me feeling clean and fresh for getting in to bed and I find the calm of the water and smells of the shower gel makes me feel chilled out. There’s nothing worse than getting in to bed feeling sweaty, smelly and gross after a day of meetings, running around and feeling drained. PS. Take your own shower gel with you!

5. Have a little pamper session

If I haven’t been out for dinner or for drinks with friends and I have the whole evening to myself I will take along some pamper treats with me such as nail scissors, hair mask, nail varnish, face scrub, tweezers and various other bits. I will sit on the bed and give myself a proper pamper session after a relaxing shower.

6. Spray your pillow with lavender 

A most versatile essential oil, Lavender oil boasts dozens of benefits to the mind and body and it has been known to reduce mental stress. The essential oil derived from the lavender plant is used in aromatherapy to treat anxiety, difficulty sleeping and nervousness. I often stay on hotels ahead of a big day or event and lavender chills me out and makes me less anxious.


What do you do to relax when staying at hotels? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter!

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