REVIEW: Foxcroft and Ginger

Soho’s backstreet café delight

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Located around the corner from Piccadilly Circus, Foxcroft & Ginger sits on Berwick Street on the cusp between Soho and Covent Garden. The little café may not look much from the outside but once you enter the café you are immersed in a wooden ski shack vibe and muffins as far as the eye can see.

Foxcroft & Ginger takes its name from its owners, the Foxcroft’s and the wife Georgina, who is a proud redhead. After managing various other restaurants, the family decided to open F&G in January 2010. Foxcroft & Ginger stemmed from the lack of cafes in Soho where you could kick back, relax and take in your surroundings. With all this in mind F&G offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner all within the confinements of their small Soho café.

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When we arrived we were promptly seated at a table inside near the window. This would have been lovely if it was cooler but it was rather hot inside so we opted to move outside in to the street. This was the best decision we made all day – it was lovely sitting outside having lunch in the middle of Soho watching the passers-by as they made their way down to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

The café is founded on the principles of great British food, made with locally sourced ingredients, and given an original twist. Where possible they try to make all of their bread and pastries in house and I could clearly see this downstairs as I made my way to the toilet. The chaos downstairs was like a French patisserie at noon with flour being thrown and baker’s passionate working on their bread.

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Theo and I both had a lemonade (with lots of ice) and then we ordered our lunch. Theo has Eggs Royale and I opted for something a little different – sourdough toast with mashed sweet potato, chorizo sausages and a herb sauce. To share we both had Kasundai, as recommended by our server, a curry like paste served in a small bowl.

Thank god I was brave and went for something different which I am so happy about. My sourdough brunch was incredible and the various flavours with the spice of the chorizo, the smooth texture of the sweet potato and then the added herb kick made for a wonderful delight. I was in shock at how tasty my dish had been and cleared my plate in record time.

Theo said his was also lovely and then sauce on his Eggs Royale was spot on. Me, being allergic to fish and seafood I can only take his word for it!

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The staff were attentive and the food was quick which made for a lovely but quick lunch on the go. I could have happily sat outside of F&G for hours but we had places to go and people to see.

F&G are proud of their coffee, bread and pastry offering and so should they! The pastries we took away with us to our hotel were amazing and the man serving us was kind enough to recommend us one pastry and then we picked two others. We had a nougat pie style pastry, a blueberry apple pie and a cruffin (a mix of a muffin and croissant).

In the evenings the also do a pizza menu, which given their passion for bread and dough, I would imagine is AMAZING. I will be heading back soon to try their famous pizzas!

Overall, a little hard to find at first but well worth the google mapping. A brunch that I will remember for a long time and next time I am in Soho, F&G will be the place I stop by for a coffee and pastry.

Visit their website here.