I want to live like the locals do in Tuscany


I nominate my boyfriend in the #TuscanyNominate competition

I was recently emailed by Tuscany Now to participate in a competition to win a break away for two people at one of their luxurious villas in the Tuscany hills of Italy. Obviously I jumped at the chance to take part in such a brilliant competition. All they asked me to do was produce a blog post nominating the person I feel deserves a break more than anyone. I nominate Theo.

And here’s why…

I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for over the last four years, there have been bad moments but there have also been good. Right now, it is good. I put this good moment down to my boyfriend Theo who has been the lifeline that I have always needed. When he met me he took it in his stride, believe me it is not the easiest being in a relationship with someone with anxiety and panic attacks but he has always taken it in his stride and never made me feel bad, weird or different.


Since meeting him only two years ago he has a constant support to me through everything I do in life; from the university dissertation, to getting on a plane, to having the confidence to go for a job I know I could thrive at and many other moments when I have needed someone strong.

Since I met him back in 2012 my anxiety has subsided, my confidence has grown, my trust has been restored and he has made me happy again. For that I will forever be grateful.

Alongside this it has also been a hard few years for Theo. He has dealt with loosing everything and has had to build up his life again from nothing. Alongside supporting me, he has been brave, courageous and always there.

Theo has always put me first, before anything he has wanted for himself. He is my best friend, my confidant and my boyfriend amongst other roles that he willingly accepts on a daily basis.


A break away with Tuscany Now for the experience of a lifetime would be the break Theo deserves. I pass my act of kindness on to Theo, to say thank you.


Staying in a villa is the PERFECT retreat for me and Theo. Having visited Italy a few years ago I just loved how relaxing, indulgent and cultural the country was. We could cook incredible food, go swimming all day long, go for long walks in the Tuscan hills and really relax away from the chaos of being back at home.

We would love to jump on some bikes and visit the vineyards, experience the Italian ice cream in the nearest towns and try some of Italy’s finest cuisine. I have been told that here you feel removed from outside influences because it has retained many of Italy’s ancient traditions and an intense sense of spirituality.

So go on keep your fingers crossed!

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