My favourite memories from New Zealand

New Zealand top the lists of my favourite countries in the world, alongside Sweden and The Netherlands. And it’s a favourite among tourists too… it’s a country to opposites, calm relaxed bays, alongside bungy jumping in to a canyon, weather that varies from hour to hour, and food so indulgent alongside juice bars and health retreats. Make sure you add a holiday to New Zealand to your bucket list now…

With its sweeping landscapes, adrenalin activities, and wilderness experiences it’s got to be one of the best countries in the world. If you want to find read more about my recommended places to visit in New Zealand I’ve popped a post together.

Participating in a Maori cultural experience should be at the top of your list when in New Zealand. Maori is the official second language of New Zealand and there are certain tips you should know when visiting Maori land or places of worship. You should never enter a marae ( Maori meeting space) without permission, always take off your shoes, do not consume food or drink while in a mare, and at the end of the welcoming ceremony, you will traditionally be greeted with a hongi—the touching of both nose and forehead. 15% of New Zealand’s population are Maori.

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kiwi 1

Our Kiwi Experience bus group from Wellington to Queenstown



Me and Katie’s first day in Queenstown, NZ




Skiing on The Remarkables mountains in Queenstown



In my element in Matamata






Me and Katie at Cathedral Cove, North Island



The famous Ferg Burger, Queenstown



Geo-thermal mud pools at Hells Gate, Rotorua



Visiting friends in Nelson, South Island


franz 1

Franz Josef Glacier hike


ziptrek 2

Mid way through ziplining through the Queenstown forest with ZipTrek


puzzle 1

Puzzling World, Wanaka


poly 1

Relaxing in the natural spring water pools at the Polynesia Spa, Rotorua



Me and Katie in the helicopter up towards the Franz Josef Glacier



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