My Valentine’s Night-In Must Haves

Valentine’s Day takes the brunt of a lot of criticism, with plenty of people quick to speculate its sincerity.

But, I’m not one of them – I mean I am not up for the cringe and cheese when it comes to Valentines, and everyday should be Valentines right?!

When we’re all begrudging the weight we gained and money we lost over Christmas; when we’re all tackling the grey, icy mornings of the new year; and when we’re all buckling under the pressure of our resolutions; this is a time to give ourselves a break! I can’t see anything wrong in a little light-hearted excuse to indulge and enjoy ourselves with the ones we love most.

Like it or lump it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay and whether you’re spending it with your partner, your friends, your family or your lovely self: here are my Valentine’s night in must-haves.

  1. Treats

We spend so much of the year so far restricting ourselves, and holidays such as Valentine’s Day offer a fleeting glimpse of guilt-free indulgence. So take advantage of it! In fact, calorific dishes such as steak and chips, lasagne and a spicy curry have been voted the top three date-night dishes, according to a study by HelloFresh. I reckon we will opt for a curry, possibly a Thai Green Curry, as it’s our favourite dish to enjoy together. Whatever treat you and your partner have been craving, stock up on it and enjoy!

  1. Candles and incense

Aromatherapy is the perennial of self-care. Whether you’re setting the scene for a romantic night in or perhaps an evening to yourself, candles are a quick ticket to escapism. I usually head to my local supermarket or Primark and buy in a range of gorgeous coloured dinner candles to dot around the kitchen, living room and on the table!

  1. Music

You can always rely on music to set the scene. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with company, ditch the movie marathon and opt for an immersive playlist! Spotify are always on top of their Valentine’s playlists. From sultry tones to girl-power anthems, there’s sure to be something out there for your Valentine’s night in. I have a playsuit ready and waiting for the special day.

  1. Drinks

Of course, what night is complete without a tipple? Whether you’re a slave to bubbly or you fancy a piping hot herbal tea, make sure you’re stocked up on the perfect Valentine’s drinks. Seeing as Valentines is on a Wednesday this year, I doubt there will be much drinking involved, but I’d usually opt for a bottle of our favourite Isla Negra wine from Tesco, or an iced tea, usually Pukka.

  1. Social media blackout

The final and arguably the most important component for a Valentine’s night in? Your attention! Whatever your plans, put down your phone and focus on enjoying the company of those around you. If you’re alone, why not get stuck into that book you’ve been meaning to read? Or pamper yourself with a face mask and a hot bath? Valentine’s Day is about love – not likes!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you think I’ve missed anything out? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!


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