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If you’re anything like me, it’s all or nothing. So when I drafted my fitness plan with my PT, and then started veganuary, I decided I might as well also get some products in to give my skin some TLC. I headed to one of my favourite brands [comfort zone] to grab one of their latest collections, Body Strategist, and a cleansers or two.

Body Strategist is the new range from [comfort zone] aimed at combating cellulite which affects 4 out of 5 women. It is an inflammation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue which initially comes about because of an alteration in the microcirculation. Its causes can be genetic and constitution related, hormonal and, of course, linked to lifestyle. Cellulite is not related to whether a person is overweight or not.

This has led [ comfort zone ] to consider it not as a simple imperfection, but as a problem whose cause needs to be investigated thoroughly in order to respond efficiently with ad hoc interventions. The approach used is based on a profound understanding of the factors that create cellulite, and on developing effective solutions for the main two types of cellulite: edematous and adipose.

The new line features four home care products:

BODY STRATEGIST SCRUB, renewing body scrub, to regenerate the skin and enhance the efficacy of the specific active ingredients
BODY STRATEGIST CREAM GEL, remodelling liposomal formula to fight edematous cellulite
BODY STRATEGIST CREAM, remodelling thermogenic formula to fight adipose cellulite  
BODY STRATEGIST PATCH, remodelling multi-active patch suitable for an intensive cellulite attack and an easy maintenance.

The initial stage in which water retention and general swelling play a dominant role. The collagen fibres tend to accumulate around the adipocytes, giving rise to the typical “orange peel” effect, which can also be seen in the intermediate stage known as fibrous cellulite. On pressing, the skin is painful.

An advanced stage with significant micro-circulation anomalous activity alteration. Groups of adipocytes lead to hard micro-nodules forming, which are perceptible to the touch. The skin acquires the classic “mattress” appearance.

Often accompanies the two previous stages but can also appear without cellulite. With age and poor lifestyle the fibroblasts gradually lose the ability to synthesize collagen and elastin: this reduces the skin’s elasticity and leaves skin less compact.

I then also grabbed a couple of their cleansers including one of their Active Pureness Gel.

How will you be looking after your body in 2018? Let me know in the comments!

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    Sarah Dean
    January 22, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    I’m doing Veganuary too. 🙂 I’ve never found anything that helps cellulite long-term so I’d be interested to know how these go!

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