My Favourite Travel Health Essentials

If you travel as much as me, you’ll know how much havoc it can have on your health, both mind and body. Inconsistent sleeping patterns, not working out, and eating badly, can all play a part t messing up your regular health routines.

And add to that, sitting closely to germ-ridden strangers, eating dodgy food, and stressful connections between flights, and it’s no wonder so many of us get ill when we travel. Here are some of my favourites healthcare products, to support you when you’re feeling unwell and on-the-go.

  • Bioglan Probiotics – Probiotics help keep your digestive system healthy, and that’s pretty important when traveling—especially to underdeveloped countries. No matter where you’re headed, I recommend taking probiotics, daily, two weeks prior to your trip. BioHappy Superfood Culture combines the power of Probiotics and Superfoods! It contains 10 billion live bacteria from two scientifically studied strains. My favourite is their tasty cacao and vanilla powder, which is also packed with cacao, coconut, aronia berry, cranberry and black elderberry PLUS B vitamins to aid digestion, boost mental performance and energy levels.
  • Graze – Graze is a United Kingdom-based snack company which offers over 200 snack combinations through snack subscription boxes, an online shop and retailers. I don’t have a subscription but I do order batches when I need them. My favourite are the Poppy Seed & Onion Bagel packs!
  • Nuun electrolytes- If you constantly feel dehydrated when you fly, grab a pack of these electrolyte tabs from Whole Foods. Take one before an international flight and you’ll notice a big difference. You drop into you water bottle and drink, and they taste alright too!
  • Clearspring Protein – I got sent a batch of Clearspring’s NEW Organic Raw Plant Protein Powders and instantly loved the natural protein powders. Available in three different flavours which are made from 100% cold-pressed seeds and is the easy way to increase your daily protein intake. I have a shake after an intense PT session, or to get my body going in the morning!
  • Onnit Melatonin spray – Melatonin supplements are great for helping adjust to different time zones or help induce sleep when you need a little extra help. This handy travel sized spray from Onnit is great for travelling and tastes good!
  • Juice Press with Vitamin C and Ginger – Vitamin C and ginger are both excellent for preventing, and combating, germs and illnesses acquired through travel. My favourite product is Juice Press’ Ginger Fireball Suckers, as they combine high doses of the two ingredients; take two to four daily a few days before traveling, and continue to do so during your trip to help support immune health.
  • And meditate…. – You don’t need to be any sort of guru to close your eyes and get your zen on when seated between strangers. There are several meditation apps such as Headspace and Calm that guide you through a relaxation session to block out the stressors surrounding you. It will lead to even more positive health benefits.

And if you are ill and this disrupts your travel plans, there’s always holiday compensation, where you can make a holiday sickness claim. You can seek the advice of the experts at Your Legal Friend, to ensure you don’t lose out, due to sickness that wasn’t your fault.

*This is a sponsored post.