DIY dessert in under 60 seconds


This post is both good news for your sweet tooth, bad news for your waistline. But life is all about balance isn’t it, so what the heck!

I have been on my health eating mission now since April, and since my last weigh in I have lost nearly a stone in weight, simply by eating better. Ditching anything sugary, or that isn’t giving my body any goodness (such as pasta, bread and biscuits) and instead opting for more filling recipes using lots of vegetables, protein and dried fruit.

And now I have also joined the gym, at my local Pure Gym, I keep finding after dinner each evening I get peckish following dinner so I have been looking at options to satisfy that sweet tooth craving. I have so far opted for banana and almond milk heated in the microwave, fruit, and my favourite Ombar chocolate. However sometimes you need something to indulge in.. this is where the DIY mug dessert from Dr Oetker comes in.

Mug cakes (you know, cakes you make in a mug) are already the ultimate in lazy cake making, and now they’ve got even lazier. Those with a sweet tooth are in for a real treat, as Dr. Oetker launches its latest Pud in a Mug flavour – Sticky Toffee. Sitting on a bed of hot toffee sauce, the scrumptious toffee sponge can be cooked in the microwave in just 50 seconds, for a super easy, super delicious pudding.

The mixes, which come in three flavours – rich chocolate and vanilla chocolate chip – just require you to add milk, and take just 50 seconds to cook in a microwave. And while they’re not going to earn you GBBO comparisons, they will go down a real treat on cosy box set nights in.

Pud in a Mug Sticky Toffee is now available in Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

*This is a sponsored post.