Why you should hire a Yacht Charter this summer

Sailing holidays are back, and back with a bang. Sailing holidays offer not only an experience of a lifetime and memories that will last forever, they’re also really great for your health, offering you huge doses of vitamin sea, and blue skies as far as the eye can see!

Recent data released by yacht charter company Sailogy has shown that many Londoners love the idea of a sailing holiday! Being grouped in with Manchester and the city with the most canals in the UK, Birmingham, London is in the top three locations in the UK where holiday makers are most interested in sailing holidays according to this recently released research into Yacht Hire.

And young adults are the most interested with 37% 25-34 year olds looking into booking a trip. I myself am off on a trip this summer to Greece and cannot wait to explore the Greek islands. The younger generation love the idea that they will be able to explore some of the most beautiful corners of Europe – with temperatures that may be slightly higher and more consistent than those at home in the UK, at their leisure and with good company.

The classic image of a sailing holidays goes back to the 1950’s where celebrities and the rich list jumped aboard luxurious yachts and sailed up and down the coast of France and Spain. They symbolised luxury, glamour and elegance, but they weren’t easily accessible holidays for us normaltons, and instead we moved away from the water, to the land.

Times have moved on though, and today they are more accessible, cheaper and offer more activities onboard and offboard than a traditional holiday. Expect watersports, scuba-diving, snorkelling, and swimming to name a few, with people jetting off all over the world, but with UK favourites still being Italy, Spain and Greece.

Thanks to the cost of a yacht charter having come down by leaps and bounds over the decades and this allows you the chance to explore some of the most beautiful areas of the world and emulate your most famous celebrities by Instagramming your journey!

It is far easier in current times to be able to share your holiday images through the means of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and, now average Joe, you and me, can share our snaps from our holidays sailing around the world. Why not hire your own Yacht Charter and pretend you’re Reese Witherspoon, Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner hiding from the paparazzi…..

Yacht hire company Sailogy informed me that to cruise some of the most stunning Southern European locations, such Croatia, Italy and Greece on a Yacht Charter can cost less than €50 per person per day. This is well within everybody’s price range so what’re you waiting for?

*Thanks to Sailogy for the data!