REVIEW: Meal Planning with EverDine


I don’t really do frozen foods, but when Everdine arrived on my doorstep I was delighted with the options, and healthy aspect associated with the food on offer from Everdine.

We also have a couple of pizza’s in the freezer, and I will freeze things like sausages and fruit to prolong the life of it, but otherwise we don’t eat any frozen food. To me they represent stodginess, sogginess, saltiness and unhealthy food that leaves you feeling gross.

However, recently I was asked if I would like to try out Everdine, Which is a meal provider with a difference. Everdine proclaim their meals are ‘clean eating made simple’. They say they are committed to providing foods based on the clean eating concept of not over processing and ensuring that meals are cooked from scratch with the freshest ingredients possible, all the while maintaining super tasty meals.

Everdine offers 8 or 12 wholesome and clean meals subscription plans which are delivered on weekly basis or on a basis of your choosing and are cooked by chefs trained at Michelin-starred restaurants. As soon as the meals are cooked they are then frozen straight after cooking, locking in all the goodness and freshness.
I opted to try out the 8-package meal plan and picked 8 meals that I thought I would like and then picked a delivery date to suit me. However being in is not an issue either as they delivery can be popped in a location of your choice should you not be in, which I thought was genius (no more sitting by the door and waiting in) – wahay!!!

When our delivery arrived it contained all my meals plus an insulated liner with several freezer blocks in there to and all my meals were still perfectly frozen, which is always a worry with fresh or frozen foods as in the past some have arrived half thawed, however this delivery was all rock solid frozen.

First thing I noticed about the food packages was the size, most frozen convenience foods come in smaller packaging and often result in a super small meal. However after cooking my first meal (10 mins in the microwave) I was happy with the outcome of the meal and portion size.

They are so easy, especially through a busy period at work – when you need stuff at work, that can go in the freezer and keep you fuelled, or for the opposite when you’ve been at the office all day, and then need something quick, easy but healthy.

To have fresh meals waiting in the freezer was brilliant, and knowing they were healthy was the icing on the cake.. All meals were delicious and tasted fresh and there didn’t seem to be much sloppiness or wet vegetables.

My favourites were the Coconut Katsu Curry, the Wild Mushroom and Butternut Squash Open Ravioli and the Lamb Kofta with Roast Onion Bulgar Wheat. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like any of them to be honest!

I’ll order from Everdine again. Do you fancy giving them a go? Meals start at £7.50 each and you can get £30 off your first order by clicking here. Let me know which are your favourites!

*Everdine sent me these meals to review but as always, views are my own.