What type of traveller are you?

According to Chinese astrology, each person’s year of birth determines not only their age, but also their behaviour, character, and even their future. This system is based on 12 animals, with each one representing a different period in the lunar calendar.

I was fascinated by the the infographic I was sent from HomeAway last week and was curious to discover what type of traveller I was and what destinations they recommended for me.

I was born in 1992 making me the year of the Monkey and according to the infographic it means I am naughty, persuasive, creative, secure, handy, superficial, dishonest and spontaneous. Mostly true but not sure always about the spontaneity and the superficial-ness as I am not materialistic at all. They said my stone was Peridot, my preferred colour was Yellow (I hate yellow, although I do love the sun, so maybe that’s it!) and they listed my travel mates as Dragon and Rat.

Interestingly my recommended destination was Majorca, which is one of my favourite places; I have visited many times and I love going back every few years.

They also said that: “Travellers born in the year of the Monkey are smart and very curious. Thanks to your happy and naughty character, destinations like Gandia, Ibiza and Majorca would be highly recommended.”

How interesting! And I would mostly agree with what they said….

I love all this kind of stuff, and I am fascinated by horoscopes, star signs and readings. If you fancy finding out your own, start scrolling….

HomeAway - Chinese Horoscope

Download the infographic here.