Christmas Gift Guide: Wellbeing

noun: wellbeing

the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

As many of you know, anxiety is a big part of my life. It’s affects my everyday and also affects my spontaneous days. Looking after your body can help to keep you mentally well and making small, gradual changes can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Therefore I have been looking at lots of different books, products and techniques as a way of relaxing.

I therefore couldn’t put a Christmas Gift Guide together without collating a section on wellbeing. There’s nothing better than a little Hygge! Here is my Christmas gift guide of wellbeing products that are perfect for the Hygge lover in you:



‘Hygge has been translated as everything from the art of creating intimacy to cosiness of the soul to taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things. My personal favourite is cocoa by candlelight…’  You know hygge when you feel it. It is when you are cuddled up on a sofa with a loved one, or sharing comfort food with your closest friends. It is those crisp blue mornings when the light through your window is just right. Published: Penguin Books

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Rescue Remedy


Rescue Remedy is world-famous for quickly restoring inner calm and enabling our body to release its own potential to manage daily stress without side effects. Rescue is completely natural and contains five of the 38 Bach(TM) Original Flower Remedies; ‎ Rock Rose for terror and panic, Impatiens for irritation and impatience, Star of Bethlehem for shock, Clematis for inattentiveness and Cherry Plum for irrational thoughts. These wonderful products have been my saviour both in the worst and the best of times.

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Coaching Cards for Everyday by Kim Morgan


“Coaching is about giving yourself time to find the answers within. These cards ask all the right questions. They will change your life!” Suzy Greaves, Editor of Psychologies magazine and author of The Big Leap; “Not only great for helping you to realise things of importance but they also help you to think in a different way in general. Often I’ve found myself remembering the questions in situations and making a different decision, one that will benefit me rather than bending myself to suit someone else.” Sinead Crowe, Love Style Mindfulness blog

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Home Is Where The Hygge Is Mug


In white and blue and featuring the phrase Home Is Where The Hygge Is on both sides, this hygge inspired mug is perfect for snuggling on the sofa with your favourite hot drink. The hygge mug measures 9cm tall with a diameter of 8cm, excluding the handle. Capacity is 10oz / 285ml. Ceramic, dishwasher safe.

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Hygge Sweatshirt-Ladies fit


Get your cozy friendship time on in the Hygge Sweatshirt!

“Hygge is as Danish as pork roast and it goes far in illuminating the Danish soul. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family – that’s hygge too. There’s nothing more hygge than sitting round a table, discussing the big and small things in life. Perhaps hygge explains why the Danes are the happiest people in the world?”

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Modern life is hectic and relentless: trains delayed, endless emails filling the inbox, kids squabbling before bedtime… There has never been a more important time to rediscover your pause button. Calm is the book that will show you how to take back a little bit of peace, space and all-important calm. This book contains the simple tools, tricks and habits that will change the rest your life. It is a practical and pleasurable guide to twenty-first century mindfulness.

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Nelsons Pure Rosehip Oil


Look after yourself from the outside in and indulge your skin with rosehip oil from Nelsons. Rosehip is ideal for dry, scaly, fissured and dull skin. The richness of rosehip makes it wonderful on acne, ezema, psoriasis and over pigmented skin. Rosehip is a good first aid oil which is very effective on scars and is prophylcactic after burns or trauma.

£16.00 | BUY HERE

M&S Pyjamas


Enjoy an early night in bed with a cup of tea and a blissful slumber in these cosy pyjamas. The natural fibres of pure cotton are extra cool and comfortable – one of M&S’ best-selling fabrics. And these pyjamas are so pretty with a blue main colour and floral print on the bottoms and on the inside of the top. I have three pairs of these pyjamas in different prints and I love how comfy they are and make me feel!

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There is nothing better than a good tea, right? ICHAI is an authentic, completely distinctive range of premium quality spiced tea, individually blended to bring a balance of exquisite flavours to stimulate the senses, mind and body. ICHAI teas are free from any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives – the ingredients are 100% pure and natural. Each ICHAI contains an exotic mix of spices that have been used for over a thousand years in the East for their flavour and natural healing properties.

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Spirit Listography


This charmingly illustrated journal focuses on the mind, body and spirit–encouraging you to think about ways of living a well-balanced and intentional life. With over 75 thought-provoking prompts ranging from the quintessential (things I’m grateful for, ways to care for the planet) to the whimsical (favourite things to smell, ways of thinking to unlearn), Spirit Listography serves as a unique memoir and bucket list for those interested in self-reflection, positive thinking and mindful action. Published: Abrams + Chronicle

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Colouring for Contemplation


Pick up your pens and pencils and begin your journey … This inspiring and beautiful colouring book has been created to help you to be mindful – to slow down and breathe and to give you the inspiration to live more fully in the present. Each illustration has been inspired by an accompanying quote to aid your contemplation of its message while you colour. Divided into three parts, Mindfulness, Insight and Inspiration, this is a colouring journey.

Published: Watkins Publishing

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Nelsons Bath + Massage Balm


Nelsons Arnicare bath & massage balm is a unique dual-purpose addition to the Arnicare family. Massage into aching, stiff muscles to soothe tension or add to running water for a luxurious bath, soaking away the strains of your hectic day;Made from organic Arnica montana grown in the Scottish highlands, combined with evening primrose and rich sweet almond oil to naturally hydrate the skin, whilst lavendar and grapefruit essential oils help calm senses and relax the mind.

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One third of our lives are spent trying to sleep. Most us have disturbed, restless nights and rely on a cocktail of caffeine and sugar to drag us through the day. Yet the hours we spend in bed shape our mood, motivation and decision-making skills – defining our performance in work, at home and while keeping fit. We need a new approach to sleep.

Published: Penguin Books

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Pause for Thought


This inspiring collection of reflections on modern life is taken from Pause for Thought, broadcast daily on BBC Radio 2 on the Chris Evans and Vanessa Feltz shows. These pieces offer fresh ways of perceiving the world, of connecting with each other and of negotiating modern life. Together, they provide a guide to finding happiness and achieving spiritual wellness, despite all the challenges we face. Publisher: Watkins Publishing

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ZING Citrus Zinger Bottle


The Citrus Zinger allows you to infuse your water with the flavour of your favourite citrus fruit to give add fruity goodness and a zesty edge that’s sure to get your tastebuds tingling! The Citrus Zinger Gift pack contains a 795ml BPA-free plastic bottle and three presses: a citrus press, a cucumber press and a kiwi press.

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*A selection of these products were gifted to me by brands, however the I would not endorse any products that I did not enjoy using or use myself.