Christmas Gift Guide: Travel

Growing up Christmas was my favourite time of year, and even now I love Christmas. The prep, the time with family, the roast dinners and that fuzzy feeling inside. I used to scour the Argos catalogue every day in the run up to Christmas and elegantly write down the product, reference and page number of the gift I wanted. It used to drive my parents wild!

These days I tend to spend money on experiences, weekends away or save my money for when me and Theo decide to buy a house. But then again, you’ve got to have stuff to travel and therefore why not ask your friends and family for things for your upcoming trip, whether that’s a camera, a toothbrush holder or memory card.

Here is a selection of gifts I think are perfect for the traveller in you:



The Bandit is TomTom’s first foray into the action-camera market. Cut right to the action with the TomTom Bandit Action Camcorder and instantly playback and share your best moments. And make sure you never miss out on the best bits – the Bandit’s intuitive in-camera sensors mark big moments during recording, so it’s easy to find them when it’s a wrap. You can also tag your own highlights as they happen straight on the camera or using your smartphone as a remote and also connects to your smartphone for uploading!

£199.99 | BUY HERE

Oral-B GENIUS 9000 Rose Gold Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B’s most premium brush ever, it features a new handle design, longer battery life, an LED SmartRing customisable in 12 colours, and a Travel Case that not just charges your toothbrush, but also your smartphone. That’s why Oral-B is the #1 brand recommended and personally used by Dentists in the UK and worldwide. Features 6 modes: Pro Clean, Daily Clean, Sensitive, Tongue Cleaning, Whitening, and Gum Care

£109.00 BUY HERE

tile Slim


Keep track of all the things that matter in the palm of your hand. Ring lost items from your phone. If your Tile is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it. As thin as two credit cards—perfect for wallets, purses, laptops and anything with a slim profile. Plus, customise your ring with four preset tunes.

from £23 | BUY HERE

Mio MiVue 688 Dash Cam


Perfect for the road trip of a lifetime! With the new, stylish and lightweight MiVue 688 you’ll always have crisp clear proof of what really happened on the road. For your convenience, the dash cam will start recording when you start your car. The Full HD 1080 pixel camera records your journey, functioning as your personal eyewitness on the road. And thanks to the integrated Sony® optic sensor, you’ll benefit from for optimal view and superior quality, especially in low light conditions. So in case of an accident, you’ll always have clear recordings of what happened.

from £114.99 | BUY HERE



With proprietary triple insulation, Canteen keeps beverages cold for 25 hours or hot for 12 wherever you take it. Available in 14 colors and four sizes, including the 25oz which holds a standard bottle of wine.

from £19.99 | BUY HERE

ECO Tools Travel Kit


Create a natural look with our brushes, designed to apply mineral makeup with ease. This gift set is perfect for life on the go, and comes with its own little travel case to keep your brushes clean for next application!

£7.99 | BUY HERE

City Walks – New York 


For tourists and adventurous locals alike, each walk covers the best the city has to offer, including restaurants, hip shops, historic sites, beautiful parks and more. Also, a tri-fold intro card gives users an overview of the city, including information on local history and transit, instructions for using the cards, and an overview map of the city.

£10.99 | BUY HERE

Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme


Creating a lightweight case that offers 4m/13ft drop protection and feels comfortable in your hand not only required smart design, but also smart materials. Thanks to FlexShockT, an ultra-efficient impact absorbing material, we were able to achieve this, turning your fear of breaking your phone into a carefree attitude that makes life that much more fun.

£39.95 | BUY HERE

Personalised Wanderlust Luggage Tag


A stylish luggage tag etched with the message of your choice on one side, and the dictionary definition of ‘wanderlust’ on the other. This is a lovely gift for a free spirit embarking on a trip, this luggage tag could be bought as a farewell present to wish the recipient well on their journey, or as a gift from one loved one to another to mark a special holiday or trip.

£24.00 | BUY HERE

El Camino Personalised Bracelet


Everyone’s El Camino bracelet is unique. It’s a representation of the path you’ve travelled around the world. The guys at El Camino love travelling, they know how addictive it can be and that’s why they started El Camino. Each country you’ve visited is an accomplishment and the country’s name becomes more than just a name to you but a memory of everything you experienced there. Your El Camino is a way to keep track of the countries you have travelled to. It’s a reminder to you, your friends and people you meet along the way of the memories you’ve created all over the world.

£24.00 | BUY HERE

Blogosphere Magazine


Blogosphere – a print publication written by bloggers for bloggers. The magazine was founded by Alice Audley who had started a blog the previous year as a means to break into the world of journalism. Though it was only meant to be a stepping-stone into the media industry, Alice quickly fell in love with blogging and with all it represented – the freedom for anyone to have a voice and share their thoughts, passions and discoveries with the rest of the world.

Various subscriptions | BUY HERE

‘Let The Adventure Begin’ Travel Pouch


Let the adventure begin with this very handy travel pouch from Alphabet Bags on Not On The High Street. I love this travel pouch and have added it to my own list this Christmas. The canvas travel pouches are ideal for holidays, trips and adventures and are perfect for all of your important documents and travel essentials. The extra large size pouch also features a black leather tassle attached to the zip pull. Available in two sizes: large or extra large!

£18 | BUY HERE



MEEM is the only product of its kind in existence. A phone charger and automatic back-up device all in one cable. Every time you charge your phone, MEEM automatically backs up the personal data held on it to the cable itself: a simple solution that fits into your daily routine with no third party access to your info.

£39.99 | BUY HERE



Steripod is a toothbrush protector to help keep your toothbrush clean & fresh when you are on the road! Fits most standard & electric toothbrushes. This product is perfect for travelling as well as everyday use, protecting your toothbrush against soap, dirt & hair.

£3.99 | BUY HERE

Gin-Tasting Experience


Why nor treat the food lover in your life to a trip to London. PS It involves gin! Experience Gin Tasting With Cream Tea For Two at the top class Waldorf Hilton London hotel! The experience will commence with a knowledgeable server giving you an introduction to gin, but don’t worry, it won’t be long before you’ll have the opportunity to hand pick four gins of your choice from an assortment of eleven Spanish, Scottish and British brands, including Bombay Sapphire.

£55 | BUY HERE



This one may be for you, if you snore, or may be a good gift to keep in your suitcase whilst travelling for those unruly snorers in the next room… Mute gently stents and dilates the nasal airways allowing snorers to breathe more easily through their nose and keep their mouth closed during sleep. In turn, this reduces the vibrations in the airways that can cause disruptive snoring.

£10.99 | BUY HERE

Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable Hard Drive


Seagate Expansion portable drive, add-on storage for your PC! The Seagate Expansion portable drive is compact and perfect for taking with you on the go. Add more storage space to your computer instantly and take large files with you when you travel.

from £62.99 | BUY HERE

Zap-It Mosquito Insect Bite Relief Device


Zap-It! is a revolutionary, pocket sized device that is really effective at stopping the itching and swelling caused by mosquito bites and virtually all other biting insects, as well as jellyfish stings and stinging nettles. Zap-It! is chemical free, non-allergenic, small, clean and light to carry when on the go!

£4.45 | BUY HERE

*A selection of these products were gifted to me by brands, however the I would not endorse any products that I did not enjoy using or use myself.