A Scottish Road Trip by Coach


Everyone loves a road trip. And it is even better when you can have someone else drive you around. I did this back in New Zealand where I jumped on a Kiwi Experience bus to explore the south and north island over the space of 31 days. It was the best and easiest way to see the country, took away all the stress and gave me the flexibility to stop and start.

A road trip gives you a dose of culture, history, education, and entertainment, all in a city or place you’ve never experienced before. Done right, you’ll return home feeling refreshed and with a newfound appreciation for travel and adventure. For your next adventure why not head up to Scotland and explore everything this under-rated country has to offer. Be organised, book your travel and do your research and you’ll ensure that your Scottish adventure is one to remember. As Scotland’s largest city, it is easy to get lost and waste time trying to find your way to your next attraction so in order to avoid this, why not consider a coach hire to take you from one place to the next. Here are many reasons people decide to hire a coach when in Glasgow:


Enjoy your whisky 

No doubt part of the reason you’re excited about your trip to Glasgow is the famous whisky. There are several whisky breweries you’ll want to visit while you’re in the area, but you won’t be able to truly enjoy them if you’re the designated driver. One major advantage of travelling via coach is that everyone on board can have a drink at their favourite restaurant without worrying about the journey home.


You’ll save money

You might be under the impression that a private coach hire is an expensive option but the reality is far different, especially when you consider the cumulative cost of individual trains, buses, or taxis you might end up paying when travelling in a large group. The larger your group, the more cost-efficient it is to hire a coach, so relax and enjoy the ride.


There’s the element of comfort 

The reason people think that coach hires are going to be expensive is because their benefits are obvious. It’s a private vehicle for you and your party. You can leave your possessions on board with your trusted driver and you can lie back and de-stress. This makes your trip all the more personal and allows you to truly savour your holiday sightseeing experience.


You’ll be driven by a knowledgeable local

You might have done tonnes of research but if you want to get to know the area well, there is nothing like being driven around by a local. With a Glasgow coach hire, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a friendly driver, who will be more than willing to give you advice on where to go and what to see. They know shortcuts to your attractions and they’ll be able to advise on local gems that you might not have found on Google.


Get driven door-to-door

Regardless of how excited we are when we arrive in a new city, this enthusiasm is always slightly tempered by a concern that we might get lost or delayed on public transport. Scrap the expensive fees, the tiresome driving and being the designated driver by opting for a group coach or mini bus hire. Switch off and relax, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to consult a map to find your way around the city.


Whenever you’re planning to visit Glasgow, we hope that you do a lot of research beforehand. There are so many exciting family days out to be had and an array of parks and nature attractions to enjoy. After all, you can’t see everything this historic, exciting city has to offer in just one visit.

Credit: Photos via Visit Scotland website.