Six Destinations You Must Visit for Your First Time on a Cruise


A few years ago, OK like ten years ago me and my family went on a few cruises. Back then it was the thing to do it seemed, a kids-oasis full of fun, activities and destination hopping everyday. A cruise holiday is one of the best ways to see the world with ease. If you’re yet to embark on a cruise holiday then you are definitely missing out!

Now-a-days cruises are seen as the luxury holiday, only on offer for the few. But this is so not the case and instead deals and offers make cruising an enjoyable and low-cost holiday.

It might be though you feel you’ve got almost too much choice and you’d struggle to know where to look. So to help point you in the right direction here’s six must-see options you might want to consider for your first time on a cruise line, each taking in a wealth of incredible experiences.

Couple Cruise


A top choice for many travellers is to take a cruise on the Mediterranean. Here you get the fantastic mix of great weather, top resort towns and cities and the calm sea. What’s also good about a Med cruise is you can often choose as many or as few stops as you want.


If your idea of holiday heaven is taking in some amazing sights and sounds but also getting some time to relax, than a Baltic cruise is just for you. On your journey you’ll stop at some of the most picturesque capital cities like Bruges and Amsterdam and enjoy what they have to offer, before returning to the serenity of your cabin.


The Nile

Another winner for those after a combination of glorious weather and historical sites, a cruise down the Nile is a popular choice for many. Uncover the secrets of the Pharaohs, while making the most of your luxurious river cruise ship.

The Caribbean

Often considered to be a paradise, what could be better than setting sail to this beautiful collection of islands? Sun, white sands and the tropical lifestyle await you if you were to select a Caribbean cruise.



If the sunshine isn’t your thing, then you can also head to the waters of the far North with a Scandinavian cruise. Ideal in the winter you can view the snow topped fjords of Norway and stop off in a number of countries for a festive experience.

British Isles

For something a little closer to home there are cruises that take you around our quaint little island and surrounding isles. From the rivers to the open sea, you could also take in the delights of places like Guernsey and the Isle of Wight.

London Cruise

So if you know you want to go on a cruise but are a little stuck for ideas, make sure you consider some of the above. Another great thing to remember as well is that there are plenty of providers like Planet Cruise who can help you in your decision making. What’s more, between each destination you’ll also be able to make the most of everything modern cruise ships have to offer.


Images courtesy of iStock and Pexels.

*This is in collaboration with planet cruise but all opinions are my own and I would never endorse a brand I don’t love.