How not to be a horrible human on flights


We all know the basics of airplane etiquette, but some passengers could use a refresher course that is for sure!

If you are decent human being then follow these simple steps and you won’t find someone’s fist in your face mid-flight to Hawaii. Whether it is hogging the arm rest, reclining your sear during dinner or ordering five gin and tonics and getting pissed, either way try not to be a w**nker.

1. Respect the loo

Simple: don’t take lots of time and don’t make any mess. If you make mess, clean it up.

2. Watch how you sleep

I know this one is easier said than done as you can’t always judge where your head might fall but just incase invest in a travel pillow that hugs your neck!


3. Middle seats get the armrest

They’ve already been unfortunate with getting the middle seat so don’t steal the only thing they have left, the armrest. It will also be so uncomfortable if they are left with nowhere to leave their arms.

4. Look after your kids!

There is nothing worse than children screaming, vomiting, running or making smells on an airplane. Keep them in check!

5. Get up only when you need too

It can be really frustrating if the person in the middle seat or by the window keeps getting up every five minutes because you then can’t sleep, watch your favourite movie or even eat, in peace! Don’t be that person.


6. If you will recline, be careful

Reclining your seat may be essential on long haul flights but be mindful of the person behind you and smile at them just before you do the deed, it may help! Also don’t recline whilst they are eating!

7. Be kind to the staff

Flight attendants are there to help you, save you and be there for you when needed, don’t be a dick to them. They are at work and you’d hate someone else being a twit to you so don’t do it to them.


What are your other top tips? Or tell me the BAD EXPERIENCES that you’ve had on Twitter @sophiessuitcse


Sophie is a blogger and freelance writer based in the UK. She writes about all things travel on her blog over at Sophie’s Suitcase and in her spare time writes for Huffington Post, Elite Daily and The Culture Trip. You can also find her on social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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