A Weekend in West London

Last weekend me and Theo headed down to London for a weekend exploring West London.

On the Saturday we booked in for a tour of Twickenham stadium as Theo is a big rugby fan, but we had never visited the stadium outside of game day, and we both wanted to be nosy and have a look around the member’s areas, changing rooms and go pitch side.

We had such a great time as we wandered around the stadium with our wonderful tour guide (I can’t remember his name) but he was adorable and such a great guide telling us all the little facts, secrets of the stadium, and keeping us entertained throughout the tour.

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DSC_0584 DSC_0589

After we had finished at Twickenham we then went for a lovely lunch at the White Horse in Richmond. The pub was located right by the Thames and was one of the most architecturally beautiful pubs I have ever been in.

It was royal and stood tall against the banks of the river. We had sandwiches (which were over-priced) but the atmosphere was great and the other food, like burgers, roast dinners etc, did all look lovely on other tables.

River_Thames_at_Richmond the-white-cross-richmond-useful-stuff-large

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