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REVIEW: PACK Gear Organiser


For us travellers packing is often the bane of our trip. If you are like me either you take too many clothes or you pack things that are too heavy. I always attempt to cram far too much stuff in to my backpack or suitcase and then have the problem of also keeping under the 10lbs weight available.

I am a neat packer and like to have everything packed accordingly with clothes packed by clothing type such as having all of my tees together or my shoes. I cannot deal with people that just throw their stuff in their suitcase – it makes my brain hurt!

I have tried various different ways to pack over the years, including packing cubes and even IKEA’s own brand packing cases which I wrote about here. But when I was introduced to PACK Gear I realised I had found my zen.

This is the ultimate backpack organiser that will help you unpack in seconds!


The Concept

If you’re a frequent flyer that’s always on the go packing can often take up a lot of time, but with the PACK Gear organiser you simply pop your clothes in to the compartments before you leave and then pull out and push back in each time you reach a new place.

Your clothes are then already neatly packed and you can hang up your organiser on the inside of your bunkbed. No more digging out that favourite top from the depths of your backpack!

The pack is also lighter than the weight of a t-shirt but expands to a size bigger than a carry on suitcase. This product really is the future of packing as it provides an organiser for your clothes and makes packing simpler.

And – it isn’t just for backpackers, this innovative little product is great for city breakers as it fulfils its role even in in a carry on or suitcase.

front closed side view The Pack

The Product

The organiser aims to provide you with more time to make memories and less time unpacking and repacking whilst you are on the road. It really is super compact and easy to use!

  • The organiser is designed to perfectly fit in 30L+ backpacks
  • It weighs less than one t-shirt (9oz)
  • It is optimized for hostels, couch surfing, trains, tents, and even hotels
  • The built-in hooks can be hung on beds, trees, trains, or in closets
  • And the best bit… you can pack and unpack in less than 10 seconds


The buying

If like me this product sounded great from the minute you started reading this post, then don’t hesitate in buying one for yourself. Whether you are off on a city break to Copenhagen or a backpacking trip around South East Asia. It really does make light work of the packing problem!

You can buy the organiser in either black or blue and each comes with all the clips, locks and hooks ready for that spontaneous trip!


To buy your own PACK Gear organiser visit their website here.

* This is a sponsored post but I would not endorse any products I do not use or love myself.