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REVIEW: Liquified Breakfast Drink for Travellers on-the-go


NOSH Super Brekkie is a new breakfast drink / meal in a bottle.

To those that have never heard of it, it’s a healthy yoghurt/fruit/superfood style breakfast which is kind of a mix between a yoghurt pot and porridge, with fruit. NOSH Drinks is a beverage that combines the superfood quinoa with real fruit pieces and whole oats; it says that it has “found an innovative way to offer a solution to consumers searching for a healthy, filling and tasty breakfast-on-the-go” – a problem it has estimated 80% of young professionals face across the UK and in London especially.

The aim for the drink is to reach out to all those people that don’t have time for breakfast in the morning. Your mother always used to tell you that you should never miss breakfast, and she was right. Missing breakfast isn’t good for you nutritionally or for your metabolism.

A new quinoa and yogurt-based ‘breakfast-on-the-go’ drink was launched in the UK following the success of similar products in Australia.

The drink is available in strawberry and banana, mango and passionfruit, oats and honey and banana porridge varieties, Nosh will be listed in 320 Holland and Barratt outlets nationwide, retailing at a price of £2.50.

Nosh founder Geoff Read said: “We’ve worked incredibly hard to develop a product that stands out from anything else on the shelf at the moment. Nosh offers consumers what they really want – a breakfast that tastes good, is good for them and is available at a good price.

“Our research highlighted that a third of consumers don’t eat breakfast at home and we also know how hard it can be to find a healthy option that gives you lasting energy for the day ahead. By including oats and quinoa in our recipe we have something really special that taps into current food trends.”


The contents are good – it’s all really healthy, natural stuff, with no added bad sugars or anything. The drink is meant to keep you full until lunchtime, due to all those super oats and quinoa etc. and you can choose from four different flavours:

  • Yogurt, oats and honey
  • Yogurt, Banana, Quinoa & Oats
  • Yogurt, Mango, Quinoa, Oats and Passion Fruit
  • Yogurt, Strawberries & Banana, Quinoa and Oats

My issue with NOSH is the texture. I’m a little bit childlike when it comes to yogurt, in that I can’t stand bits or surprise lumps. I was never a fan of orange juice with bits and it did take me a while to get used to the big chunks of fruit they contain. They make my whole body shudder, and I couldn’t always quite swallow them. It’s a drink that you kind of chew at times and that did put me off sometimes.

HOWEVER the nutritional value, the ease of having breakfast and the packaging I loved and I will be buying some more for the days when I am rushing out of the door.  The flavours of NOSH Super Brekkies are delicious, and if you’re more of a grown up texture-wise, you’ll really like them.

* This is a sponsored post but I would not endorse any brands I did not support or like.