8 Things I Have Learnt About New Zealand

I can hardly believe that it’s been over a month since I stepped off the plane in Christchurch. It’s been 34 days of ups and downs, highs and lows, everything you might expect from a big trip abroad to the other side of the world. But overall I have loved New Zealand and I certainly have a different picture to this amazing country than when I arrived. New Zealand is the kind of place you don’t fully understand until you’ve visited and you can’t really describe it or explain it until the person is stood right next to you, looking at the same incredible views or experiencing the same amazing opportunities.


1. The weather is constantly changing!

Being from the UK, we are used to changing weather but even I wasn’t prepared for the highs and lows of the weather conditions here! I wouldn’t even bother Googling the weather in New Zealand – because I guarantee it’ll be wrong. The weather here is so horrifically unpredictable and it is often like it doesn’t know what it wants to do and changes its mind. It is not surprising to wake up to snow in the morning and then by mid-afternoon the sun is out and it feels warm! However, it’s nice, as it’s a surprise and is constantly challenging that already dwindling wardrobe.


2. Everyone is so friendly!

I am not sure why, but everyone is so happy. Well actually with all this beauty around them who wouldn’t be happy?! I had heard rumours of the friendliness of the kiwi people and over the years when I was backpacking around the world, I often met people from New Zealand, and I was struck by how kind they were. Kiwis are really nice people and are so welcoming! Coming from the UK where everyone is quite reserved and selfish it is a massive distance. Being nice is infectious too which in return makes you super happy!


3. There are more sheep than people

So that rumour that there are more sheep than people in New Zealand is true! There is a complete lack of people across the country and it is so spread out with open spaces and areas. But there are lots of sheep! EVERYWHERE!


4. The water is really blue.

The water is always blue, bright turquoise and it is clear and just looks beautiful. Apparently a lake near Milford Sound was named the clearest lake in the world last year? Well that says it all.


5. NZ has the worst internet in the entire world

No, honestly it is horrific. When I first heard rumours of sloppy internet in NZ before travelling there, I assumed it would be like a bad internet connection in rural Britain. I thought those stories were not up to date but in fact it is awful. Apparently New Zealand is at the end of the world internet cable and therefore gets given no internet. It is expensive and limited and I mean limited.


6. Be practical, whatever the weather.

I am afraid to say that flip flops and heels just don’t cut it in New Zealand. And it is apparent all across the country they just don’t do glam. Its practicality and especially in Queenstown the way forward is a good pair of sturdy boots or trainers. I am a massive fan of converse but unattractive clumpy shoes I am not, and did not enjoy wearing them for some of the trip. I tried to wear converse where possible but it was, too wet, too cold or too uncomfortable.


7. The New Zealand sun bleaches your hair!

My hair has never been so blonde, maybe it’s the fresh air, the sun and how healthy it is at the moment as I am not hair drying it or straightening it on a weekly basis. But I am once again blonde. And I hope this will only continue in to Australia!


8. I still haven’t found Gandalf

But I will come back and I will find him.


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