REVIEW: Nomads Capital Flashpackers, Wellington

nomads-capital-wellington_030320100251238541Nomads Capital is a 5 star hostel in its own right, on arrival you feel like you were walking in to an 18th century historic hotel, let a lone somewhere that charges on $30 a night!

The Flashpackers hostel is located right in the heart of Wellington, only two minutes from Cuba Street and five minutes from the water front. They have a range of rooms to suit every traveller and budget, from dorm rooms for the backpacker, to suite double rooms for those who want that extra bit of luxury.

When we arrived we were seen to by the manager Kate, who was really lovely and checked us in with no hassle. We were placed on the second floor in a four bed dorm with another two travellers with our own private ensuite bathroom.

The room was quite small in comparison to some other rooms we have stayed in and we did seem to be cramped in to the room. We did however have our own ensuite for the four of us which was really nice. There just wasn’t enough room for four people, four beds, and ten bags between us all so we were constantly jumping over each other and our bags.

We had a little wander and went to seek out the kitchen and the communal areas downstairs. They are both of good size and had an open nature to the area which was nice in a hostel of this size.

There is also the Blend bar attached next door where you can go and pick up your free evening meal and grab a small glass of wine for only $5! The bar is also open to members of the public which means you don’t feel completely surrounded by backpacker and travellers all the time.nomads-capital-wellington_030320100252394503

The only down side to the hostel was the noise, because of the bar the noise continued until about midnight. However I did go down and ask for some earplugs and they gave us several pairs just incase which was nice. I was also told the noise would go down about 12 and they were right it did! But it was still loud as I think our room was right above the back of the bar.

However, minus this, the hostel was ace!

It was a really good hostel and I would stay here again 100%!


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