Hobbiton: Our Unexpected Journey

I am an out and proud Lord of the Rings geek and I have watched the films too many times to count on my hands. I love the three films and the new Hobbit film franchise that’s been released over the past two years. And whilst I left Katie irritated as I quoted various quotes from the films it was a great day!

I also think I may have converted Katie, even though she didn’t seem to have a clue what was going on!





I felt myself dreaming and wanting to start living in my own little hobbit hole! My only worry was that once on set you would see all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff and it would ruin the little world I had created in my head of it being a real life world and that elves existed… However I was pleasantly surprised and instead the set was beautiful and seemed completely and utterly real life!

Did you know that Hobbiton was deemed a ‘no fly’ zone by the New Zealand government during filming and neighbouring farms had to keep their sheep inside so not as to let any sheep stray into the landscape?

And Peter Jackson also took all the frogs out of a natural pond one day as they were making too much noise for him to film?


The weather however was horrible and as most of it is outside we got absolutely drenched!

Dotted across the flowing the hills were perfectly placed brightly coloured doors embedded in to the hills, with small gates and shed like features. The circular doors and the little windows perfectly represented the LOTR films and outside each of the hobbit holes were items that represented the inhabitants of its hole. From wooden wheelbarrows to pegs and washing lines, the fronts of the houses were decorated with all things Hobbits.

As we walked around I felt like I was in the film, or at least some surreal fairy land magic place… if there is one.

We then wandered down the hill, and situated at the bottom of the valley is the The Green Dragon pub, which is also now a working pub and apparently is already booked up to next year with weddings. Inside we grabbed a pint of cider and sat in front of the fire to warm up!






We then wandered through the fields and landed outside the most infamous door in the world. Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole! Sat at the top of the shire it gave impressive views across the rest of the area and presented a great opportunity for amazing photos!

It has to be said, today was my dream day. I love Hobbiton, I love Lord of the Rings and I love everything this film set had to offer. You must, must do this if you end up near Rotorua as it’s a magical day and will truly leave you feeling as if you are an elf for the day!


Many thanks to the Hobbiton press team for providing me with a complimentary visit to Hobbiton. They did not request a favourable review and all opinions here are my own.


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