Milford Sound By Boat

photo 1Today was a pretty god damn awesome day.

Milford Sound had been on our main ‘things to do’ list in New Zealand since we started planning and once we found the Super Funky pass with Kiwi Experience included a two hour boat trip round Milford Sound, we just had to do it!

We jumped on our bus outside Nomads Queenstown and were all loaded on to a bus driven by the infamous Mac! He was super friendly and really good at telling us what was coming up, he history behind the journey and also stopping at various different points throughout the trip.

He seemed to enjoy informing us all about earthquakes, glaciers and two men called Sutherland and Gun. It’s always much more fun when your driver or tour guide is enthusiastic about the trip, as it makes you even more interested.

Along the journey in to Milford we passed several places from Te Anu, Mirror Lake and Monkey Creek to name a few. It was good we did stop else the trip would have been a really long day with us being on the bus for over 12 hours in the end. The journey may be long but the wait is so worth it! And to be honest the views along the way are also just an amazing!

Then after 325km and five hours driving we arrived at Milford Sound.

Milford Sound is where they filmed all the really gorgeous bits from Lord of the Rings and is also known by a lot of travellers as a top to do location in New Zealand. The scenery is just amazing and is a real beauty! You feel so alive and free when your stood in the middle of such natural beauty!

The area is just breath-taking and is one of those places you know you will never forget! It’s just a place that truly takes your breath away and makes you forget that you are even alive, and instead in a dream.

We didn’t see any elves or dragons though, and instead saw some seals.

After a two hour boat trip we landed back on shore, and started the long journey back again to Queenstown. Again the views were amazing and Mac was his funny self. To add the the trip we also got to watch the film Hitch from Te Anu back go Queenstown which passed the time and was a really good choice on Mac’s behalf.

But anyway here are a load of photos as words just don’t do it any justice…. (Even if it was a little over cast and misty)


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  • The Student Travels
    September 28, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    I did the Kiwi Experience but didn’t have enough time to fit in Milford Sound! It sounds incredible though, definitely one for the to-do list 🙂