REVIEW: We Spent A Night in Jail

Not a real Jail obviously. Plus my parents would kill me.

Therefore if you came here looking for some hilarious travel story about me and Katie getting arrested whilst travelling around New Zealand then I am sorry to disappoint.

We hadn’t actually heard of the hostel before, but when in STA Travel booking our Queenstown accommodation with Nomads we decided to also book a night in Christchurch and came across this little wonder. It looked good enough and was one of the cheapest in the city so we went for it!

Jailhouse accomm

Jailhouse Accommodation is basically a hostel that has been converted from a big jail building as you can see above!

The rooms have huge metal doors, which I assume are the original doors from when the jail was once in use years ago. They were super heavy and of course just added that little something extra to the whole place. However, what was nice though, was the fact the room inside was brand new! The rooms were kitted out with news beds, flooring and jazzy curtains and ended up being a very amusing way to spend the night.

Jailhouse accomm 2

The rooms are basic but clean, new and an overall really good hostel!

The hostel also has the traditional common area with loungers/tables and board games so you can socialise with the other backpackers in the hostel and upstairs they even had a cinema room and pool room.

Jailhouse accomm 3

Theres also a kitchen where you can cook your own food or a Pita Pit across the road if you can’t be bothered!

Jailhouse accomm 4

And get this! The hostel even provides you with fitting attire… if you fancy it.

Overall, the stay was great and we loved staying here! It was something that little bit different and the fancy dress was a highlight! If you are going to Christchurch this is the place to stay to have fun and rest your head!

Fancy staying here yourself?

Here is the website!


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