My Packing List for 85 Days!

Now this was a hard one, and I haven’t even started physically packing yet but here goes! My last venture to a foreign country left me in a mad packing daze in which I forgot various items which were vital to the trip. I finished university and then was on a flight to Thailand within 24 hours. This time I am spending two weeks packing and taking the time to think about it more, especially as this time it is for three months. First thing to remember, I will be packing mainly for summer weather; however, as we land in New Zealand in their winter we are going to take winter kit and essentials too.


85 day packing list:


  Quantity? Packed?
Rain mac X 1
Jeans X 2
Leggings X 2
Shorts X 4
Plain tops X 4
Patterned tops X 4
Camisoles X 4
Shirt – white X 1
Shirt – denim X 1
Underwear X 10
Bra X 2
Socks – trainer socks X 3
Socks – thick/ski socks X 1
Scarf X 1
Jumper – thin X 2
Jumper – thick X 1
Dress X 5
PJ shorts and top X 2
Jewellery X 2 ( 1 x necklace/1 x earrings)
Hareem trousers X 2
Beach cover up X 1
Knitwear/cardigan X 1
Swimming costume X 1
Bikini X 3


  Quantity Packed?
Flip flops X 1
Sandals X 1 or 2
Nike Roche X 1
Converse X 1


  Quantity Packed?
Toiletries bag X 2
Make up X
Wet wipes pack X 1
Insect repellent X 1
Quick dry towel X 1
Hair towel X 1
Sun tan lotion (15) X 1
Mini travel perfume X 1
Toothpaste X 1
Tooth brush X 1
Australian plug X 2
Kalms Pack
Tweezers X 1
Nail clippers X 1
Valium X 5
Hair bands X 10
Clips X 4
Razor X 2
Make up Kit
Deodorant X 1
Moisturiser X 1
Shampoo X 1
Conditioner X 1
Shower gel X 1


  Quantity Packed?
Memory stick (large) X 1
iPad mini X 1
Charger and cords X 1
iPad keyboard and cords X 1
iPhone 4 X 1
Chargers and cords X 1
Headphones X 1
Canon camera (pink)
Charger and cords
Waterproof camera case


  Quantity Packed?
Sunglasses X 3
Torch X 1
Mini first aid kit X 1
Travel pillow X 1
Glasses X 1
Contact lenses X 200 individuals
Locks for bag X 2
Notepad and pen X 1
Travel planning folder X 1
Visa papers X 1
Photocopies of documents X 1
Zip up purse X 1
Passport X 1
Itinerary X 1
Cash card – AUS X 1
Cash card – NZ X 1
ID X 1


  Quantity Packed?
Backpacker X 1
Rucksack X 1
Shoulder bag X 1


So there you have it, everything I am taking with me!

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