How Much Will I Need for New Zealand?


As an approx:

  • Hostel accommodation is usually between NZD $20-$30 a night
  • Then you’ll need a minimum of NZD $10 to $25 a day for food and beverage
  • And then the activity options are almost endless.
  • So say around: NZ $40 and then activities on top


So make sure you have some money to travel around with, as the activities are endless.  Sky diving is the most expensive but you can save money by doing free activities on offer around the towns.


Here are a few tips to ensure you have enough money to experience amazing New Zealand:

  • Cook you own meals or cook with a group when staying in a hostel kitchen
  • Sometimes hostels will offer a cooked meal in the evening so take advantage
  • Take advantage of all the free activities on offer!
  • Ask drivers of buses and locals where the best places to eat are and the best!
  • When you do buy food make sure you get it from big supermarkets rather than the smaller stores
  • Put a limit on the alcohol spends whilst you are out in the pubs and bars


Keep an eye on your money and budget for each day and you should be fine. I have heard a variety of spends you’ll need for a month but they vary generally from around $900 to $1600. However, obviously this depends on how much you do activity wise and what activities you do but you are sure to find some cheap alternatives!

I will come back to this blog in October when I leave New Zealand and see how it compared!