13 Things to Pack for Travel in New Zealand

 BACKPACKING IN NEW ZEALANDnew-zealand-216817_640

  1. Some travel insurance – Get this as soon as you book your flights to ensure you are covered for your flights and your entire trip.
  2. A visa – Essential if you plan on working here however if you are just travelling around you don’t need a visa! Get on to it early though to make sure you are approved.
  3. Your passport – Obviously otherwise you aren’t going anywhere!
  4. A reliable bank card/cash passport and some extra cash – Always carry some extra cash just in case, but keep most of it on your cash card for safe keeping and to keep your figures in order.
  5. Your ID – For those fun nights out and after you’ve had a few!
  6. Jabs – New Zealand is pretty safe but you shouldn’t need any jabs to come backpacking in New Zealand. Make sure your up to date with all your others though and always seek doctors’ advice if you are concerned.
  7. A camera/action camera – You’ve  all seen those videos online of people recording their trips on a GoPro or Sony Action Camera so why not do the same!
  8. Lots of warm clothes – New Zealand’s weather varies a great deal and especially in winter it is particularly cold especially in the South.
  9. Something to sleep in – You won’t need a sleeping bag but you may need some warm sleeping clothes!
  10. A sturdy backpack – To keep your stuff safe and one that isn’t going to break after two weeks!
  11. A few beach clothes i.e. Bikini/shorts – The North island is covered in lots of beaches and day trip where you can g or a swimming session.