7 Countries in Europe I Want to Visit

It’s only when you start travelling long distances do you realise quite how close Europe is. It’s right on our doorstop but so many British people year after year go away to the same places and the same hotels. Europe is huge, and there is so much to explore out there! Here are the 7 countries in Europe I want to visit.

I certainly feel as if I haven’t taken the time to visit Europe and even I’ve been to nearly 14 countries across the continent. My friends from university went inter-railing this summer and it made me extremely jealous seeing pictures of them in Milan and Rome, I will certainly be making the most out of Europe from now on and after I get back from Australia start planning my next trip to Europe.

If you have any advice on inter-railing, send it my way!


Greece – I couldn’t pick one place in Greece I want to visit because, well I want to visit them all. High on my list in Santorini and Mykonos, purely because of the pictures I constantly see in magazines of beautiful seas and white beaches. The awe of the white buildings and grey cobbled paths just make the places look so serene and I would love to turn those daydreams in to reality very soon.

Ibiza – Now, I am no typical Ibiza lover who enjoys crazy nights out and drinking myself silly. But the country and the coasts that are across Ibiza look amazing. It looks like a beautiful country and I am told the waters are clear blue!

Italy – As I said above, Italy is a favourite place on mine. When my friends Grace and Amy went to Milan I was extremely jealous. It is something about Italy that just makes it so beautiful. I have been various times before and visited Florence, Pisa and Naples, but I have never been Rome, or merely hired a car and drove across the beautiful country. I will also be visiting Venice when I go next as my parents went last year and they inspired me to take a Gondola down the canals.

Denmark – I have always been a fan of Scandinavia, having had family live there and go several times to Sweden and Finland when I was younger but I would love to go to Denmark, or more specifically Copenhagen. Earlier in the year I watched the programme presented by Hugh Fernley about Scandinavia and the episode on Denmark just made my passion to travel to Denmark even more prominent. It looks like a beautiful city, with amazing food, interesting culture and so much to do in such a small place. It looks like my perfect city!Nyhavn,_Copenhagen

Croatia – Over the years Croatia has become more of a vacation focused country and with big festivals such as Unknown, Sonus Festival and Hideout making a name for themselves out there, the country itself and its beautiful nature has also been recognised. The country, the nature and the culture all appeals to me and it is certainly somewhere I would love to go spend more time in and possibly even see the coast from a boat. I think Contiki do one which I will have to look in to.

Ireland – I have been Ireland, well let’s rephrase that. I have been Dublin, twice. But I have never ventured further out in to the ‘real’ Ireland. I have friends who live there and family that are from there but I have never ventured further than the bright lights of Dublin and the Guinness Factory. I want to go back and visit Cork, Limerick and Galway. The rural south with its beauty and the west coast with its wild landscapes would be worth a visit too.

Portugal – I have been here so many times I can’t even count, but I love Portugal and that’s why we do go back every few years on the family holiday. The country is just so relaxed and everyone is so friendly. The weather is always beautiful and even though the towns and cities are overly touristy these days, it’s great for a relaxed and easy week away. If you play golf, it’s also great; there are hundreds upon hundreds of golf courses.


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  • Foreign Wanders
    August 13, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Interailing gives you a feeling that rivals no other – riding across the tracks on some of the best railroads in Europe, meeting different characters in every carriage you sit, especially overnight trains, as some carriages are like Harry Potter ones – where incidentally i did meet Ron and Hermione characters! You arrive at your destinations spend as much time as you like them boom “I want to get on the next train to Krakow” I would recommend getting a “as much travel as possible in a certain time” I have done it two and the first time my trip was limited to my interrail pass which was still fun, but I was much more free-er and happier with a “come as you like” pass, because then you can change your plans at the last second which I did all too many times. Im excited just at the prospect of you going.

  • Flying Dutchgirl
    August 13, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Great list, but why is Holland missing?! 🙂

  • Sartenada
    August 14, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    I love Denmark also. Well, Finland. In winter You should visit these two places:

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Happy travel!

  • Amy Franklin
    August 14, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    I can definitely vouch for Ibiza that it’s not all LADS ON TOUR. I went for about 9 years on the bounce with my parents for our annual summer holiday as a kid (well aged 6-15). Really nice place, would love to go back! Italy has the best pizza ever, I went to Sorrento and Pompeii. Looking at going to Rome next year. I must agree with Flying Dutchgirl, get to Holland! 😉 Also I would recommend Estonia (medieval, modern, historic and CHEAP!) and Iceland. Poss my #1 country! Sweet blog.