What to Pack for a UK Festival

Now I love festivals, I love the music, the food, the relaxed nature, the British-ness but what I don’t love is the camping aspect. I hate being dirty and also hate not being able to shower. I’ve travelled across the world, and camped in some of the most extreme weather conditions on the planet. However, camping doesn’t get any easier over time with me, so therefore I put together a list of what to pack when you head off to a summer festival this summer.

I know a lot of people have hideous memories from family camping trips where it rained all week so you’re damp and miserable and trapped inside a leaking tent. Of course over the years camping equipment has improved and if you’ve got the right gear it’ll make the trip more enjoyable than miserable.

The list below is the camping gear I bring along to a festival. What to pack when you are camping at a festival in the UK?

Essential camping equipment

  1. Tent

There are two ways of doing this, the budget way or the glamping way.

The practical tent is a traditional camping tent with waterproof exterior and one you could potentially stand up in. Of course if you buy a two-man tent this is unlikely. I can assure you, trying to dress or undress sitting down or bent over is not the easiest, so preferably get a tent you can get changed without banging your head.

Also relevant here is: a porch. Make sure you get a tent with a porch so that you can leave bags and wellies outside and therefore the inside of the tent doesn’t get muddy or smelly.

I would also opt for a tent bigger than what is stated on the bag – for example if there’s two of you, get a three man tent. If there’s four of you, get a six man tent. I know this sounds silly, but I took a three man tent on a trip recently for me and my boyfriend and I would love to know how the tent company expected us to get another person in there had we needed to?! Buy bigger, for more space.

MAKE SURE ITS WATERPROOF – No one like soggy underwear in the morning.

Obviously this is also relevant if you’re going for a glamping tent too, but when buying a glamping tent you just have more choice when it comes to size, colour, added extras and more space.

Tipi tents, bell tents or even small hut tents are easy and effortless tents for the glamping woman.

  1. A decent sleeping bag – I would go for a single one, even if your with your partner. Sleeping isn’t comfortable at the best of times when camping so don’t make fighting for the sleeping bag another reason to get annoyed. I would opt for a 4 season sleeping bag even in the middle of summer in the UK.
  2. Travel Pillow/bed pillow – Much better than trying to use your arm or a hoody.
  3. Air Mattress/yoga mat – The difference between awaking fresh and having a night of hell.
  4. A re-chargeable power bank to for your phone – Carphone Warehouse have a good one priced at £17.99
  5. Mini Folding Table – If nothing else, to balance your beers on
  6. Mini kettle – Best invention ever made if you’re British. Always start the day with a brew.
  7. Cool bag – Find one that actually keeps the food cool, as I found out last time I used a picnic cooler and all my food was pretty much cooked as it hadn’t worked. My organised self was very annoyed!
  8. Clothes – keep to a minimum but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want options. Spend time the day before paying out your outfits and deciding pre-festival therefore you don’t have to worry about spending hours getting ready each day.
  9. Sleeping clothes – take a mixture, dependant on the weather before you leave the house. Remember we are still in England therefore it gets cold at night but if you think you’ll sweat in the tent, take shorts too.
  10. Dry shampoo – no comment needed.
  11. Sun cream – We are in England but unfortunately we still burn, therefore make sure you stay safe and use SPF.
  12. Bag – I would take a small shoulder bag for the day time to carry around your essentials when you’re away from the tent and then a rucksack which you leave in the tent with all your clothes and toiletries in. Good backpack brands such as Eastpak, Gelert and Berghaus.
  13. A pack of playing cards – for when you make friends and conversation isn’t enough.