CLOTHING: Festival Fashion Guide

Going to a festival this summer? Here’s a Festival Fashion Guide, a list of basics to take, as we all know us ladies struggle when it comes to packing, we want to take everything! You want to look nice but don’t want to slap on the make up each day. So here’s my guide on what to take with you this festival season.


  • Basic toiletries: Stick to the essentials and remember dry shampoo or talcum powder to keep your locks looking clean and some baby wipes for a fresh face and wet wipe wash.
  • Disposable camera: Even if you stick to your iPhone for other photos, disposable cameras can be really fun and its always exciting to wait for the photos a few weeks later.
  • Torch: For all those night when your lost and searching for your tent, make sure you have a torch to hand so you don’t trip over or more importantly can find your tent to begin with.
  • Shoulder bag: Take a shoulder bag to carry around in the day. It’s great for holding the essentials, such as cash, waterproofs and sunglasses, sun cream and can look great too
  • Sun Cream – If you’re heading to a festival abroad this summer, stock up on the sun cream. Better safe than sorry!
  • Wellies: These are an absolute festival essential if your festival is in the UK, maybe not so if your heading out to Croatia or Spain. And of course make sure you put them with stylish welly socks for that on-trend festival look.
  • Shorts: A great pair of high-waisted shorts is the perfect base for any festival look. They’re comfy, they look great with everything and if it rains you will dry quicker than if you were wearing jeans!
  • Make-up: Don’t go overboard as the festival look is ‘less is more’. Keep it to sheer make up and waterproof mascara for the day look and sultry up your eye make up for a quick fix evening look.


Now go along and enjoy yourself! Take lots of pictures and stay safe this festival season!


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