REVIEW: Mile Map Hostel, Bangkok, Thailand

We booked Mile Map Hostel for our first night in Thailand after landing in Bangkok after our 29 hour fly over to South East Asia. We arrived technically not caring where we slept as long as it had a bed but in fact we were suprisingly happy!


The hostel was super cool, with awesome decor and had clearly had time and effort put in to its common areas and even in the rooms. The entrance to the hostel was on a small back street and looked nothing special from the outside however, once inside there were lots of common tables and sofas and walls covered with international colours and flags.

And as if by magic there were also two British red letter boxes. I really liked this idea!



The rooms were basic, and kind of concrete cell-like walls, but they were really clean and comfy and for the two nights after we had just landed this was perfect! This is our room, with one bunkbed and one double bed. All four of us loved this hostel and vowed to stay here again!



On the roof was the best bit, we spent both evenings up on the rooftop terrace which overlooks Bangkok for miles and miles. The terrace was basic and a good climb up to the top but it was well worth the view. We took some beers up there and watched the sun set and on the second night there was a massive thunderstorm and watching the lightening across the city was just incredible. Those are the memories that stay with you forever!




They welcome backpackers and travellers from all over the world and from all walks of life! This hostel was awesome! Its a cute little hostel with a lot of character and one we would highly recommend.



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